Cafe Eclectic: Midtown

Salmon for Breakfast at Café Eclectic

I live a good 30 minutes from downtown Memphis and don’t make it down to the river that often but I’ve fallen in love with Harbor Town. Thankfully, a good friend of mine moved into this precious little area and gave me a reason to come check out what I’ve been missing. We were up early Sunday morning & I was dying for some good food & a cup of Joe. (Why is it so much fun to call coffee, Joe? Did a guy named Joe come up with that idea?) So we walked (drove) the .1 miles from her apartment to Café Eclectic. I’m somewhat jealous/grateful that I don’t live that close because I would drink my weight in their amazing toddy coffee! I asked the barista (another fun word) what the “toddy” included. She kindly informed me that the toddy is not some crazy, funky flavoring that makes the coffee extra special. It’s a very simple but … [Read More...]